• Oil & oil products metering systems

    We have an extensive experience in the design, manufacture, supply and metrological support of commercial and operational of oil & oil products metering systems.
  • Stationary & mobile provers

    Pipe ball-piston provers are using for calibration of flow transmitters and volumetric flowmeters on-site at working conditions.
  • High viscous and solidifying petroleum products re-heating & unloading systems

    Our high viscous petroleum products re-heating and unloading systems provide the dual-circuit environmentally friendly technology and allow us to maintain the high product quality.
  • Pipeline surge protection & pressure relief systems

    Complex solutions offered by our company in the field of protection of pipeline mains allow increasing the capacity, resource and reliability of pipeline systems.
The CIS company is one of the recognized leaders in the field of commercial accounting of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons.
The systems and equipment produced by the CIS company possess unsurpassed metrological indicators and are characterized by high reliability and efficiency.
The CIS company offers solutions to a wide range of tasks and problems arising from the extraction, transportation and processing of hydrocarbon raw materials in Russia, the CIS countries and far abroad.
Service and facilities
Our company provides service and maintenance of measuring instruments, process equipment.
Our competences

Oil and gas metering systems and its calibration. Design, manufacture and supply, metrological support and calibration of liquid hydrocarbons and gas metering systems.
OGS offers both mobile and stationary complete proving systems employing unidirectional, bidirectional and compact prover technologies.
OGS is one of few manufactures of Mobile Water Draw Calibration Rigs, used for prover calibration.
Solutions in the field of protection of pipeline mains allows to increase their throughput and reliability
Handling of viscous products, such as crude oil, heavy oil products, molasses and fats is time-consuming and costly.

OIL & GAS SYSTEMS - Only reliable measurements.